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The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals The Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers (NIF) - Tekna (since 2004) - Teknisk-naturvitenskapelig forening.
Tekna - The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals

      The pay you deserve  

      Professional development  

      Promotion of the members' interests vis-Ó-vis decision-makers and public opinion  

These are the three main reasons
given by our 36.000 members for joining the Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers (NIF).


Professional development and updating is given high priority by NIF members. The NIF Study Centre organises a large number of conferences, courses and seminars each year, covering the principal technical fields.

NIF offers systematic training of its members and union officers in terms of step-by-step union representative courses.

21 technical associations are affiliated to NIF and are a valuable addition to its network.

NIF has definite ambitions to influence the political and economic debate and affect the framework conditions in a direction favourable to its members. The Society plays an active role in the preparation of reports on subjects such as education, entrepreneurship, the environment, income policy and other areas affecting its members. NIF influences the decision-makers and public opinion through direct contact and through use of the mass media.

NIF membership includes "Technical Weekly Review", a technical magazine that is published weekly, and NIF also publishes a membership newspaper. The Society also has a programme of informational material on subjects of interest to its members.


Members employed in the private, local government and central government sectors derive great benefit from NIF's work to improve its members' pay and working conditions. The bulk of NIF's members work in the private sector. Local pay negotiations are held every year in the approximately 300 workplace groups.

NIF's Legal Office gives members free legal aid in employment-related cases. NIF monitors the labour market continuously, and newly-trained members are offered job applicant courses. The Society also offers advice on pay and working conditions and legal questions.

In all sectors NIF is working to create a pay system that allows for differentiation in pay and working conditions between professions, activities, groups and individuals within a company or government service.


The governing body of the NIF is the General Assembly, while the Board of Directors, which meets 6-7 times a year, has the day-to-day responsibility for the activities of the Society. NIF now has 37 chapters throughout the country.

The Negotiations Board looks after the members' interests as regards pay and working conditions, while the Technology Board looks after their professional interests.

NIF's General Secretariate in Oslo is led by the General Secretary, and there are ten District Offices which serve the entire country.

Chartered engineers and graduates of colleges and universities with qualifications comparable with those of chartered engineers, are entitled to membership in NIF.

In special cases, the Board of Directors will consider admission of other kinds of graduate applicant.

Students at Norwegian and foreign universities and colleges taking courses that entitle to NIF membership are welcome as student members.


NIF is a member of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI).

Contact person in NIF: Stein Lage Strand
The Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers (Norske Sivilingeni°rers Forening, NIF)
P.O. Box 2312 Solli N-0201 Oslo Norway
E-mail address:
Telephone: +47 22 94 75 00
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